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Thanks for the quick replies.
My current situation is as follows:
1. Engine shut-off is not affected by the door locks. The shut-off is delayed with or without the doors locked.
2. When the engine is hot, I have to use the red shut off switch.With a cold engine, shut off is just delayed a few seconds.
3. Not being a mechanic, I don't know what is what and where things are located. If I disconnect the breown line from the unit on the left side of the block, the engine will not shut off at all without using the shut-off button. I also don't which is the servo or the injection pump or the vacuum pump. What is behind the right headlight assembly where several vacuum lines run? One of the lines has what looks like an inline filter.

Please excuse my lack of knowledge, but once I know what is what I can communicate more effectively.

Thanks again for the help!

PS How do you tell if you have vacuum at the source when the key is turned off. That is, while it is dieseling?
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