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Unhappy CB Interference

In an attempt to have something to keep me away and in touch with the world on an upcomming trip into more rural areas, I purchased a hand held CB radio. Having had experience with under-dash mounted units back when I was in college, I was hoping that this would be a less expensive and less damaging (drilling holes and paint marks from magnetic antena) way to have a CB in my car.

What I found is that the CB doesn't seem to transmit properly and interfers with the climate control system and the bulb sensor (the climate control shuts down and the bulb out indicator lights up when I try to transmit). The first problem surprises me a little as I have had some experience with a borrowed hand held unit in another car with little problem but the second is more puzzling.

Any ideas as to why the interference? Is this something particular to the electronics in M-B and would it be eliminated if I were to go to a perminantely mounted system with a (cringe) magnetically mounted antena?

Does anyone out there have experience with CB in Benzes? Is it possible to wire up to the existing radio antena without totally messing everything up?


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