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You are welcome. That's what this group is for. I am glad that you pushed and they responded. I think you struck a reasonable deal considering all the questions…. Which of course continue.

Crystallization of the alternator fan .... hmmm sorry for the pause here .... I am savoring this ....

If the alternator pulley was installed wrong causing it to split or crack, that sounds like over tightening. Then the problem also was extended to the same alternator fan, which is behind THE pulley, which is part of the new alternator, I honestly feel the dealership owns it. Whether you want to do something about it or not, at this point is of course something separate.

I don't think this is an across the board problem. You could of course search the diesel section of the forum.

In thinking this through more, I see it this way: You in good faith brought your car in to have the alternator replaced. The dealership replaced it with one of theirs. The pulley cracked and then the alternator fan behind the cracked pulley crystallized. It is related. They should pick up the whole bill.

In conclusion, the parts person told you the pulley came with the new alternator. Did they show you the cracked pulley? Was it shiny, as in new or dull as had been transferred from you original alternator?

Often, techs with good intentions will over-tighten alternator pulley nuts, you know, to make sure it won't come off. I don't have the torque spec handy but it is good amount.

I again have to recommend that you contact the Mercedes-Benz District Service Manager.

Sorry this is long again, but those are my thoughts.

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