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I was just told that the AC on my 87 300E has a very small leak - the air didn't seem as cold as usual and it took 2 lbs of r12 to bring it up to full. The measured temp at the center duct was 42F!!! the tech added a little dye, and the next day traced the leak. When I fix the leak at the end of summer I will probably convert to 134A, but I agree the AC is plenty cool when full. I was told that the system is a little slow to cool a hot car when first turned on, but that this was fairly typical for w124s. I compensate by leaving the sunroof cracked open while parked, rolling down the windows to flush out some of the heat when I start up, and then running on recirculate for a few minutes. It's true - frost on the center vent on a humid day!

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