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Hi everybody,

Today, I replaced the pumps and pretty much everything else except the main fuel hose coming out of the tank. I couldn't get it loose even with a 22 mm that I bought after the adjustable wrench couldn't get in there.

Now it leaks out of pretty much every banjo fitting. I had tightened them to about 15 ftlbs but obviously not enough.
I'll increase it gradually tomorrow morning.

I'm also not too happy yet with the routing of the wires. I have the pumps now 180 degrees rotated from what they were. (Does that make any difference? Is there a "this side up"? The instructions don't mention anything.)
So the wires don't fit exactly as they have been bent from the prior setting. I'll straighten that out tomorrow, too.

The small rubber hose that runs from the tubing to the fuel accumulator also doesn't bend yet perfectly. It is too close to the axle. I took enough pictures and by comparing "before" and "after" I noticed it needs to bend under the filter.

To get the car started was easier than I thought. The pump runs for about a second when the key is in the "run" position, just before the "start" position. You can hear it stop. So I turned the key about 6 or 7 times into this position. Then the car started right up.

Keep your fingers crossed ....

Thanks again to everybody who contributed.

Reinhard Kreutzer
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