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I agree. The 2000 will be ready for the crusher after removing the transmission, possibly the engine and some body parts. The 95 S600 2dr, would also be a costly repair. There is probably a lot of unseen damage as well. With the fire being that close to the firewall, there is probably damage to some wiring under the dash panel. I am not sure how thick the firewall is on these cars, they may be double paneled, but I would still bet there is some damage under the dash to the electrical system. I agree repairing the car, would be rather expensive. Even on the passenger side front of the engine looks to have a bunch of jumbled and damaged wiring. Even if it were repaired, I would guess it would be a very unreliable car. I would not see putting over $9000. in it. It sold for nearly $15K believe it or not.

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