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300e Transmission Problem

Hello everyone, I just purchased my second E (Black 1986 300E) at the local auction for $250 and the car looks great inside and out!! The car started right away after sitting for about two years. When the engine reached operating temperature I checked the tranny fluid and it was non existent (I added 5 qt of fluid). After adding the fluid the tranny engages in reverse and first gear (second sometimes) however it does not shift into third or fourth. After driving for a few miles I checked the tranny fluid again and it mixed with the old stuff and the fluid is now brown color. I would like to know whether flushing the tranny and changing the filter would help or should I start looking for a used tranny (if any of you have one I might seriously consider it). If any of you were in similar situation or could help me I would greatly appreciate it.

Igor Zeljic, Minneapolis.
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