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Marc Lenssen
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lossing coolant fluid.

Hello All,

This week I was able to get an appointment with my Benz dealer. I explained the loss of cooland and also the loud ticking of the pump and the gurgling in the heating system. The aux pump I had already checked by applying direct current to the pump. It worked fine. According to the benz tech it hardly ever happens that the pump is not triggered. If something is off it is a busted pump. Not in this case though. I asked them to pressurize the cooling system and look for leaks. They called me after a couple of hours and told me that the upper hose on my radiator was leaking. I had not seen this happening so I sort of objected. They replaced it anyway. I then asked them to again pressurize the system and leave it like that overnight and still pay extra attention to the waterpump and the head gasked. They called back the following day saying that the system kept pressure over night and that there were no signs of a leaking pump or a drop of pressure. The mechanic was not really wiling to replace a pump since he could not see a problem with it (good service!!!!).
They took it for a few drives and pressurized for a third time. No loss of pressure. Topped up the level and checked the mix of coolant and water and told me to come pick up my car.
The mechaninc did stress to me to keep paying attention but all should be well. Then the big surprise,.....the bill....... 70 us dollars!!!!! I was more then pleased. So let's just hope that this has actually solved the problem. I never saw this hose leaking but then who knows.
If things go bad again I'll write the sequel in thius thread.
Thanks for all the help!!


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