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Angry Sagging springs?

Thanks Haasman and MBdoc. I spoke to my usual techie and he says that this happens to many Benzs when its only one driver using the car without any passengers. Is this true? He said that I may have to change both the front springs because one side is sagged, but both sides must be replaced. There was another Benz in his workshop, a E230 and it was also sagging on the driver's side. Maybe not as much as mine. Because the front is a lot wider looking, it is not so obvious as mine. Again, I am asking the Benz expert techs to tell me what is the proper part number for the front and back shock absorbers. I found my rears are H1 while other C180s have the H6. Is the H6 a longer travel or gas absorber and the H1 is the sports version with shorter travel? Have the wrong ones been installed in my car? Please help.
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