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'84 190E 2.3 w/ 154,000 miles has very inconsistent shifting. Sometimes it takes some coaxing to get it to shift up from first gear. Almost always shifts through gears faster than desired until the motor is laboring at low rpm. Doesnt want to stay in 2 or 3 too long. Often shifts into 3 or 4 with a bang. Makes no diference whether under hard acceleration or when babying it around town. No problem with slipping or highway driving. Sometimes all seems well.

Lat year I had the tranny out to replace the seals. Replaced trans throttle cable. Adjusted in the middle of the goove on the plastic adjuster up near the trhottle body linkage. also relaced the fluid, filter and pan gasket. R&R all driveshaft flex plates and recently put a used differential carrier in. Ran ok for many months, but getting a little crazy lately.

Any thoughts fellas?

Pat Leber
84 190E 2.3 Auto
83,84,85.5 Porsche 944
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