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Re: Hobart
See a few years ago Hobart and Bernard were like brothers, but now Miller owns hobart. They still make hobart, but they spend all their time and research into the miller line. I would suggest a millermatic welder. The Millermatic 210 is about 1200 bucks, its 220V, its really nice up to 3/8 stock in one pass. I got the 251 to have the big spool gun, the digital dials, and higher voltage, etc.

Re:Junkyard wars
I havent payed close enough attention. A mig welder is like a wand with a triger on it.

Re: Autodarkening helmet.
Those are really nice larry. The thing is, you can stay right where you need to without trying to throw down your helmet with your neck. I always put the helment down with my hands and I bring my other hand down to the electrode clamp, then I strike the arc.

I am really good at stick welding, I have about 100 hours of practice. I used to buy stainless rod, but they dont make the kind that I like, so Now I have to find something else to use.

I can tig weld, but I have to sit down and be very comfortable so I can be steady. I usually make latches and hinges tig welding.
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