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Originally posted by 95E320cab
Sure, but thank stevebfl. That guy has 8 pages of posts about o2 sensors. It is my experience that suginami (Paul S.) knows what the hell he is talking about, too.
Hahaha, no kidding. I did a search on Oxygen sensors for Stevebfl, and noticed there were a ton of threads.

I couldn't find the thread I was talking about, so now I'm losing confidence that O2 sensors wear out, so I'd like to amend my advice.

I feel more comfortable in saying that O2 sensors are either good or bad, and that not all O2 sensors are created equal. And that if your is working, then you don't have to replace it.

When I was in New Hampshire on a business trip last year, I met Arthur Dalton at his restaurant for dinner. One of the stories he told me is that he purchased some "original OEM" O2 sensors off of E-bay, and that when he got them, they were NGK - Japanese made. He was awfully disappointed, and was going to turn around and sell them. For the fun of it, he installed one on his '95 E320, hooked it up to a scope, and found that it was much, much faster than an OEM O2 sensor. In other words, it did a better job than an origianl O2 sensor.

Go figure.
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