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Hi everybody,

This morning I tightened the banjo fittings to 19 ftlbs and no more leaks. Hurray for the boy...

When installing the protective cover, I noticed the wire was rounded over the metal tubing rather than under. That made the installation of the box impossible. (see picture)

So off with the connections and rerouting.

Once the box goes on, you have to bend the rubber tube I was worried about away from the axle, thus the tie-downs I had used are not neccessary.

One final tip: The fuel hose to the front is routed over the metal bracket that holds the assembly to the car between 2 rubber buffers. It is also held there by a tie-down that is connected to this bracket. It is hard to see but if you wonder why it isn't coming out, thats why...

I hope this will help somebody in the future.

Thanks for your input.

Reinhard Kreutzer
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