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My car has developed a strange thing.
When it rains and the streets start to have puddles and you drive over puddles the A/C Compressor cuts out. Subsequent to that the windows fog up and I have to stop. No matter which button I push or even push 0 the compressor will not come back on. The flaps and the temp regulation works just fine however. Indicating to me that the push button unit is problably ok. If I stop the engine and resart the car the A/C compressor comes on immediately and stays on until I drive over another puddle. It seems like I am shorting out a connection, but how would that fix itself when I restart the car. I don't know. Could it be the KLIMA relay?
All the other AC functions work just fine in the dry, only when you drive over a puddle is whenthe problem occurs. I had plent of opportunity to verfy this, yesterday as we had some heavy rains.
Any leads?? Thank you guys in advance.
By the way its '86 300E

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