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Originally posted by haasman

I spent about $10 more per front disk for the cross-drilled and I think it is well spent.

During the winter rains the difference in stopping in the wet is amazing. Pad life continues to be much longer than I had experienced without. Driving in the Sierras last summer with a full load of luggage and people, the brakes never even smelled hot.
I would caution anyone who lives in roadsalt areas against cross-drilling. I have had really poor results with this.
The problem is that abrasive road debris gets trapped in the holes, and causes premature wear of both the rotor face and pads where there are holes.
Since the outer 1/4 inch or so has no holes, this diameter wears more slowly.
After 1 winter or so, your swept area will be reduced to just that outer 1/4 inch, and your braking capacity will be very poor.
Best of luck.
1986 300E 5-Speed 240k mi.
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