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Marvel Mystery Oil

Apparently this stuff is a detergent and is used for aircraft piston engines.

If Bardahl is 83% kerosene, the 17% would be the wonder-working ingredients. After all, beer is 95% water. Moet Champagne is 88% water.

The MG we restored was a 1948 TC. Some of the frame was wood, as I recall, but luckily not the broken part. We worked on it for two months and had it painted British Racing Green. We sold it for $1900. The farmer who had imported it with his wife sold it to us for $150. Gee, I wish I had it today. I saw a TD at the Autoi Show, on sale for a mere $40K.

The electrical parts were cursed by John Lucas, aka the "Prince of Darkness"

I am afraid we replaced the light switch with one from an old Nash Airflyte. A great improvement, considering as how the lights no longer tended to extinguish themselves most uncooperatively while driving down twisty Missouri Highway 10 at 60 mph (which felt like 90 mph in Buick mph's).
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