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fuel pump

rp96 For safety, do you have a ramp or the proper equipment to raise and secure your car safely while working under the car, and remember latex gloves and safety goggles?
I've not done your model, but it is pretty basic to change fuel pumps. Do disconnect the battery negative cable and secure the cable away from the terminal. Unplug the electrical wiring on the fuel pump (good idea to mark/label all the lines). Be careful of how you clamp the fuel lines as not to damage them, and then disconnect them. There will be a certain amount of leakage, so have a container and rags under the pump to catch the fuel. Some lines are connected with bolts and have washers on the bolts, these washers are not to be reused. You should have, if needed in your application, new washers when you reconnect, these are known as banjo connections. Notice how the pump is bolted in place and disconnect the pump. Then just reverse the procedure to install your new pump. After the pump and lines are connected, start your car (will take longer, due to air) then check for leaks.

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