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Tipping - Pros thoughts on calculating

MBDoc, SteveBfl and all other professional mechs,

I tried a search for this, but to luck.

When it comes to tipping, I've no problem with figuring amounts for the waiter, valet, baggage handler, etc. But I am stumped to no end as to what is a proper percentage or calculation to use for the mechanic who does my work. I've tried to use a rough percentage of the gross labor charge (I don't think I should tip for parts) and then factor up or down for how nasty the job is. Not very scientific. What do you folks suggest. And no cheese cakes as tips. I know the're appreciated but that is way tooooooo much fat.

Don't know if this is true but the story goes that in pubs long ago, there was a container/glass at the bar that read "To Insure Prompt Service" (TIPS) into which patrons placed money.

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