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MBdad's post has the BEST advice posted. the site that he linked is where i got almost ALL of the info i used to make my decision on a canon s-330. kinda pricy for a 2-MP, but VERY small and portable.

one other bit, if you get a cam that uses CF or SM cards and have a laptop with a PCMICA (spelling?) slot, get an adapter for approx $12 that you can use to "read" the card as a hard drive. NO software, NO cord/cable, NO anything. inserting the card wakes the computer and says "hey, you just got a new hard drive!". the adapter is very simple and works great!

PS- be aware that if you use the "price grabber" function on the site above, most of the LOWEST prices will be from NY mail order houses that can have "questionable" sales/service. many offer "grey market" cams without US warranties. it has a feedback feature like Ebay, read 'em and weep! i would suggest using a national seller such as amazon or such.
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