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OM606 in a w210, should I go for it?

Greetings all, it's been awhile!

A few year back I owned a w124 with an om602 that made it all the way to 421k before I killed it. I still miss that car.

I've learned much since then, and right now I'm looking into an 96 e300d with the om606 n/a. It's a lower miles car at 110k, and the price is right. My only gripe is the little rust in the front kick panels and the spring perch issues with these cars. I've never had to deal with either, anyone know what the going rate to get both fixed/checked out is? (I'm gonna use this as ammunition to haggle down the price alittle)

From what I gather, the om606 is a stout motor, and was recently dealer serviced. Ran good, but I only had a chance to go around the block.
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