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Originally Posted by Monomer View Post
Greetings all, it's been awhile!

A few year back I owned a w124 with an om602 that made it all the way to 421k before I killed it. I still miss that car.

I've learned much since then, and right now I'm looking into an 96 e300d with the om606 n/a. It's a lower miles car at 110k, and the price is right. My only gripe is the little rust in the front kick panels and the spring perch issues with these cars. I've never had to deal with either, anyone know what the going rate to get both fixed/checked out is? (I'm gonna use this as ammunition to haggle down the price alittle)

From what I gather, the om606 is a stout motor, and was recently dealer serviced. Ran good, but I only had a chance to go around the block.
I had the exact same year and model, loved the hell out of it, and the only thing I can tell you from personal experience is to pay attention to the FRONT SPRING PERCHES. Had my car up on a lift to have the tires rotated. While up there, I eyeballed the front spring perch areas, and everything looked peachy keen. Factory coating in place, only signs of rust on the whole car were in the area of the front kick panels. One week later, I park the car in front of my home for the evening, the next morning I get up, go to use the car, and it is listing towards the passenger side. At first I thought I had a flat, but upon further inspection, I found out that the passenger side spring perch had let go, breaking the front spring in half, and taking about a quarter of the passenger side engine compartment. The fender was resting on top of the front tire, and if I had been driving at high way speed when this occurred, I would have had no control of the car what-so-ever. If you plan to purchase this car, I would strongly suggest that you preemptively get both sides redone, no matter how great it looks to the naked eye!!!!!
96 E300d
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