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Unhappy W126 coolant low but no overheating

I currently am experiencing a weird problem.

When I fill my coolant reservoir to the MAX limit, any time from about 1 to 3 days my car leaks antifreeze near the wheel well but I could not see where it was coming from. The car does not overheat. when the level goes down it does not pass the coolant sensor , except intermittently if i turn a corner or go up a steep incline?!?!? I am quite puzzled and appreciate any help. The car is a 1986 560 SEL just turned 140K miles. My Behr radiator is 1 year old so i don't think its the problem. I inspected my hoses to/from expansion tank to radiator and have found no problems. I also removed the expansion tank and found no cracks etc. I also replaced the radiator expansion tank cap. Could this be leaking through the sensor?????Thanks all!!
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