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I just returned from a trip to Las Cruces, NM. Talk about hot. The price of diesel there ranged from $1.29 - $1.49. Quite a spread for such a small town. Gasoline was anywhere from $1.55 - $1.80 from regular unleaded to super.

Here in Denver, (I've been out a week) I've been paying $1.49 for Diesel and gasoline (I don't buy it anymore) has been running between $1.55 - $1.85.

At the risk of inciting flames, I feel compelled to make the following remarks. Please receive them in the manner intended; that being a bit of a reality check.

All in all, while the price of gasoline has been going up significantly over the last several months, when factoring in the value of the dollar, we (United States-ians) are still paying a reasonable price for gasoline. In the UK, at $6.00 gallon, and Europe in general, you see why most people, from most walks of life drive small gasoline cars with <1.5l displacement or diesels, if they own a car at all.

Me, personally, I have a hard time sympathizing with those that have *chosen* to purchase vehicles with large fuel tanks and their associated poor mileage performance. I guess I should be thankful that those folks are willing to voluntarily increase their tax burden to provide the more miserly with smooth roads to drive upon.

Do not take this as a defense of the pricing practices of the oil companies. I'm no fool. I realize what is going on. When I hear people complain, however, about the price of gasoline as it approaches, and in some places, exceeds $2.00/gallon I can only advise those folks to get a grip. Someday, probably in the not too distant future, the price of gas will surely exceed $2.00/ gallon FAIRLY as it did many years ago when it went past $1.00/gallon. In that case, your choices will be very straightforward; either get a more economical vehicle, or pay the price of admission.

My apologies to all I may have offended.

James Valdez
Denver, CO

By the way, do you vote? Consistently?
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