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I'm surprised no one here likes the Metal masters. I used to own a Saab 900 turbo and everyone in the Saab internet community swears by them. They are supposed to last a long time, and I would suggest that if you are really having bad luck with your pads wearing out very quickly that you should at least give them a try. I had them on my Saab and never noticed any reduction in braking or increase pedal effort.

And for God's sake, please stay away from pads with asbestos in them, which I know some of the Axxis pads do contain. For the unaware, this stuff is extremely hazardous to your health, it causes lung damage, and cancer. Breathing any amount of brake dust that has the stuff is too much. Take it from someone who has seen a family member die from exposure to it, you want nothing to do with asbestos!

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