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Gasoline has become very expensive here in NY...$1.95 (Amoco Ultimate). Its pretty ridiculous when you have to blow about 30 bucks to gas up a 300E. But on the other side, when you think about it, its a bargain compared to Europe. You have to remember though that in Europe they have higher octane fuel. 96 octane is their super as supposed to our 92 here in the states. 92 octane in Europe is regular--typically VW Polo's, and Peugeots fill up on this. Diesel is on the rise also throughout Europe. An uncle of mine in France is spending about 60 USD to fill up his 2000 A6 (1.8 litre TD). Hopefully, all we can do is wait until the fall, and hope the price drops.

Larry, good to have you back. Do you plan on driving through Domodossola? Very beautiful landscape....

1989 300E (108k miles)
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