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Mike Dianna
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Need advice for '98 SLK

I have a few questions regarding a '98 SLK with 46000 miles. I bought the car a couple of weeks ago from a Mecedes dealer in the Philadelphia area. I want to change the oil and filter and need some advice/info.

1. I assume the oil filter housing is just to the right of the black oil filler cap (when facing the engine)?? I am looking at a larger black plastic/rubber cap larger in diameter than the oil filler cap. It has an arrow on it pointing clockwise. Does this screw off or do you need to pry it off? I tried to screw it off counterclockwise, with no luck. So, before I do something dumb, I am asking for help.

2. Is it a pain to get at the oilpan drainplug? I read that Mercedes shops suck the oil out of the pan instead of draining the oil.

3. My service book indicates that the previous owner followed the 10,000 mile service schedule. The dealership used Mobil 1, 15-40 oil. I like to change my oil every 3,000 miles. I have never used synthetic oil in any of my cars. What would you recommend? Type? Weight?

Thanks in advance for your ideas. My previous Mercedes cars were a 1976 240D and an '82 240D. I am back in the saddle!

Lancaster, PA
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