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NO - The turbo is an integral part of the exhaust-intake system that uses a series of wategate valves, switches, and compensators to deliver the proper amount of boost to fuel ratio and keeps it all from exploding. If you could somehow convert it to a naturally aspirated engine I am sure it would cost more than replacing the turbo. Take your car to a shop and have them tell you what is wrong. Turbo failures are not that common. I saw a 78 300SD that had 900,000k on it that has had three new engines installed. The original turbo had never been replaced. The owner drove thousands of highway miles a week and always let the turbo cool after a hard run.
(This keeps the oil from burning onto the turbo bearings). I am not a mechanic or, an expert on turbos. This is just my $0.02 worth.

79 300SD 148k
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