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I beat the selection process to death...

as I was sure I wanted something fairly advanced and was sold on the Sony CD400. But I was also very hot for the Fujifilm S602 for about the same $. My friend that shoots for a living has been walking many people through this decision of late and he just got the Fujifilm S2, a full SLR digicam that accepts all his Nikkor lenses. It's awesome and I'd love one but it's hard to justify 2 grand when the primary use for now is e-mailing pix like you are talking about shooting and e-bay. It's the point he kept making to me-unless you're printing and want pix > 5"x7", large files are a drag. So I grabbed a Fujifilm Finepix 2600Z from the clearance case at Sears for $125 that does a 2.3 mega-pix fine mode that I scarcely bother with. He was right-I end up re-saving the lowest res pics it can shoot as smaller files before mailing them. Normal looks great on screen too. I don't plan to print much of anything. As an aside, we blew up a pic of my daughter from his S2 to 8"x12" at Ritz and the results were stunning. You couldn't tell it was a digital photo and it wasn't even the highest resolution it's capable of. Digital photography has really arrived.
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