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Originally Posted by tyl604 View Post
Guys - not sure where to post this; I am a diesel guy and that is where I always hang out. My son is buying a 2012 E350. What does 4matic mean? Should I guide him to a 2011 or 2010? Is the 2012 a good year. Have no idea what he should be looking at. He is shopping a pre-owned dealer named Malones in Atlanta and they look pretty reputable to me. Prices are maybe $1-2K below KBB.

RBM is the local new car dealer; I think he should shop them too but he is in a pretty big hurry. I think he will spend about $30K or so.

Advice would be appreciated.
4Matic is AWD. 2012 is not a bad year as far as I know, I didn't hear too many complaints. When I look at a newer car for someone to buy sold with in the last two years or so, I always recommend checking the oil. Especially if the car only has 30-40K miles on it already. When people buy these cars and plan on trading them in fast, they usually don't want to pay for an oil change because it isn't free under warranty on Mercedes now IIRC. You absolutely don't want that mess.

Otherwise not much can be too bad on a 2012, it is pretty recent but look anyway.
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