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Originally Posted by tyl604 View Post
4wheel all-the-time drive? Why did they do that? Has to hurt the gas mileage. I just bought a ML320 and it has 4wheel all-the-time drive but I do not think it is called 4 matic - not sure. On a truck I understand; but on a nice 4 door sedan???

Thx for the info.
Any Mercedes from 1987 up (Europe got the first 4Matic, rare) was called 4Matic. 31MPG highway is realistic with a 2012 E350. Not too bad. They are pretty fuel efficient for what they are. Mercedes makes every car 4Matic these days that they can. I can't wait to see how they are in the long-term, hopefully nothing comparable to the W124 4Matic nightmares. Depending on your ML (98-06) it is a low range AWD. They just didn't do the 4Matic deck lid emblems.

I really don't mind them in Sedans though, I'm looking for a 98-02 E320 4Matic when the timing is right depending how many more winters I spend here in Philly.
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