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Project 300CE

This is a great Mercedes resource forum!! I got a 300CE (M103 engine) and I hope to restore it to prestine condition. The slush box has just been overhauled by the stealership.

Engine runs and pulls strong but burns oil so I'm going to attempt to do a head job by myself and at the same time maximize try to extract some power from the engine. Also, at 3500 rpm and up, I hear some lifter sound / ticking noise...

I have done a SEARCH and gathered some informative pointers but here are some more questions:

1. Other than Valve Guides, Valve Stem Seals, Valves, Head Gasket Kit, Timing Chain, Chain tensioner, what else do I need to purchase?

2. I'm aiming to do some performance upgrades at the same time. I will probably polish the intake/exhaust part and do a 3 angle valve job. Is this procedure recommended. I know its not essential but since its out, no harm trying to extract the last bit of bhp.

3. My friend has advised me to skim the cylinder head. How much is enough or too much?

4. I checked with Bekkers on the GTC sport camshaft but they do not offer this item anymore. Are there other manufacturers for this?

5. Any other input on the above valve would be appreciated

6. Since we are at it, any cheap ways of increasing bore + stroke if I would like to overhail the entire engine? Renntech and Brabus... they are too expensive.

7. I have already ordered 500E front and rear sway bars. It already has Eibachs + stock shocks. Can't wait...

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