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Thumbs up Now we're gettin' somewhere!!!

Still trying to get to the short that's causing fuse #10 to blow, therefore, no electromag fan and no tach...

I couldn't find the time to drop Babybenz off at the tech's shop...and by the time I could, it's a long weekend holiday here.

So I took the air cleaner housing out and took a look at all the connections/disconnections at the sensors on the valve cover.

To-date, the electromag fan connections at the sensor have been removed coz they were found burning when the electromag fan was on.Even now, fuse #10 still blows with these connectors to the sensor removed.

Removed a single pin connector and found that it was the engine temp sensor, so I put it back on.

Looked closely at the electromag clutch and traced 2 small wires back to just below the air cleaner housing area. One was to ground and the other went to a small round connector.

Disconnected this wire and renewed fuse #10 and walah!!!! The tach is back!!!

I was really getting into the swing of things when it started to get dark...

Damn!!!I was just starting to have fun...

Anyway, tomorrow, I will apply +12V to the wire and see if the electromag clutch engages. I will fuse the wire just in case there is a short in the clutch itself (I doubt the clutch is faulty).

If it works, I guess the short exists in the wire running back to the sensor. If it gets difficult to pull the old shorted wires out, I would run a new wire (fused) from the battery to the sensor, then back to the clutch, and this should work...

This is gonna be fun.

Damn, these cars are really fun to work on!!!

I'll post my findings asap for the benefit of other 190e owners. This should be especially interesting to anyone with a 1.8 like mine...


Babybenz 1991 190e 1.8
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