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Engine is not dripping oil. I guess that leaves combustion. Installed new airfilter and oil filter first thing when we got the car. Bought the car assuming it needed new engine. If there is another easier "fix" that would be great. If not where are reasonably prices 300 engines available. I do not feel capable to do a rebuild. Shop prices for rebuilds are huge! I guess combination of MBZ parts prices and labor get it expensive. Even prices for takeout engines is large. One local firm does compression test on takeouts and gives you the results. You are still getting a used engine, and with the age of these 79 or so 300 engines is is very old. Even the little old lady from Pasadena is going to have a lot of miles on a 21 year old car. There is a local garage that sells takeout engines from VW Rabbits (and other VW engines) from Germany. Says ther is a law on engine mileage, and these low mileage (at least for us in the USA) engines are imported to the USA. Is this a line or true. Anythng similar for the 300 engine?
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