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"I was wondering if someone would answer the question from Grant. My engine fan is never running, just spinning from the air that goes across it. Today I removed the plug coming from the clutch and hooked a lead up to the positive terminal of the battery. Nothing. I would imagine that there would be some "click" or something from the clutch engaging."

Kodiac, it's not clear to me how you are testing, but if you only hooked up one wire, the clutch won't work. One side goes to ground, and the other side to 12V. A quicker check would be to locate the fan temperature switch, which probably has only one connection. The switch connects this connection to ground, and you can test it by connecting this to ground while the engine is running.

Yal, the electromagnet fixed to the front of the water pump pulls on an iron disc attached by spring on the fan, which then engages the pulley face. This IS a clutch. The engagement clutch on the A/C compressor works the same way.

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