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Cool askin to know my engine better W123'82

New diesel owner would appreciate some help with my '82 300 TD

Symptoms. Starts but fights a little to idle and acceleration is quite slow of the line- lots of oil in filter housing
on Highway very slow to speed and bogs down full throttle to may 30- mph
intermittent speed will increase and then bog down

I will do compression test soon as weather permits

I believe odometer is way wrong - reads 154,000 but on a 60 mile trip it added onlt 4.3 miles- no tach work

idles fine when warmed up

Turbo whines( like I think it supposed to- sounds pretty good to me ) and when I take off the oil filler cap no oil spitting out

will adjust valves before compression test

can you help me out with diagnos with what I have spoke on?

Please and thank you:

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