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I added half a quart of ATF to about 1/3
tank of diesel fuel on my 87 300D turbo
with 192k miles. The clear fuel filter
now shows a very slight pink/tan instead of
the pale green/yellow diesel fuel, so I know
it's in there. The idle is noticeably

Dunno if the idle will roughen up when I
remove the ATF or not, but I love the way
it has smoothed out since I have added the

I've been told that ATF in the crankcse
is okay as long as you "keep your foot out
of it." But I have NOT tried this. Instead,
I have switched to Mobil 1 15w-50 synthetic
and the oil is gradually going from the color
of olive oil to a thick pitch black, a sign
that a lot of crud is getting in (and,
hopefully, OUT of an engine with 13 years
of gunk buildup).

I'd be curious as to whether Mobil 1
synthetic could clean injectors if added by
the quart to a tank of diesel.

Justin Dobbs
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