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you need to replace both the top and bottom tanks of your radiator. The plastic has deterioted and it is not worth effecting any repairs. I have had quoated to me about $150 including labour and parts (you remove the radiator). This is from RadiatorLand in Santa Clara. Recommended to me by the MBZ people at Motorspeed West. However I did call a number of other radiaotr repairs shops and about half of them will do a tank swap.

Presently I am waiting a quoate from Mercedesshop for a new radiator as half way up to Lake Tahoe last weekend it became eveident that I didn't have enough cooling power and worst upon inspection a hairline crack in the top tank.
Does anyone if there any third party suppliers of radiators with more cooling power?

A couple of years back I needed to replace the Volvo's radiator and did so with one with increased fins and ever since the temperature gauge remains rock steady no matter what outisde temperature or work load. On my 300TD it mostly sits around 85C, but any extra work or extra hot days it is up to 95C even 105C. I hope the head is still OK.


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