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Sorry to be so Shakespearean on you guys...but this is my current dilemma. I am seeking out a Yes or No answer here, since I don't have the time to gather much more data.
Ok, those caveats aside... I have recently been offered an '83 MB 300D W123 with 240k miles. The car needs a new engine, but is currently drivable. In needing a new engine, I mean to say that the car smokes a lot and when you get it up to a highway speed (80mph or so), it slowly drops speed down to 60 or so and hangs there. The car is currently being used as a daily driver by a physician acquaintence of mine who has to move out of town permanently on Thursday. His wife is selling the car. I have seen it, but have not driven it. It has good maintenance records and has been fairly well cared for on the interior and exterior and all the chrome and paint is in good shape.
Asking price: $1000. OK, so yes or I buy the car?

Dear God, what an open-ended question, huh?
No more info and very little time to make any other queries into the state of the car today. Opinions, suggestions, etc??? I have until Monday (6/19) afternoon to say Yea or Nay.

Thanks, Guys...


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