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Originally posted by blackmercedes
The M111 in your car and the M111 supercharged version are NOT the same engine. The M111 Kompressor is beefed up internally, and has modifications to withstand the boost pressure.
Actually, i think the 2002/2003 C180 Kompressor is an all new engine, featuring TWINPULSE whatever that is

But yes, i think the M111 supercharged was fitted in 2.0 capacity and supercharged to the 1999-2001 W203 C200K (and E200K, CLK200K, SLK200K). I'm sure you're right, it was probably beefed up.

the new 2003 TWINPULSE engines (with balancer shafts) are:
C180K 143bhp
C200K 163bhp (same bhp as previous C200K, even though it's a new engine and in fact only 1.8 capacity
C230K 192bhp (again, replaces the old 2.3, and is really only 1.8)

From the MB website
The 4-cylinder models of the C-Class sedan are now powered by a newly developed 1.8-liter DOHC supercharged engine. The cylinder head and crankcase, made of high-strength aluminum alloy, reduce the powerplant's weight. Despite the reduction in displacement, modifications made to the variable valve timing system -- which controls both intake and exhaust valves -- and those made to supercharging systems, enhance the unit's power output and torque, while at the same time reducing its fuel consumption.

The new four-cylinder engine comes in two versions that share basic components but differ in the tuning of the control unit. The normal type powers the C180 KOMPRESSOR, while the higher-power unit is installed on the C200 KOMPRESSOR.

Interesting: 'but differ in the tuning of the control unit' - Does that mean you can chip a C180K to a C230K ?
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