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I don't know who would really want to be a Teacher. Pay is Poor and in Public Schools the working conditions are appalling because there is no discipline in the Class Rooms anymore

Lets say a High School Math Teacher is still going to be a Math Teacher when the retire; pay raises are not good. What I mean by that is it there is not a promotion for your unless you move up to Administration.

School District Administration extremely bureaucratic and political. Who you know is more important then what you can do or how well you do it.

You can watch the Los Angeles School District Meetings on TV and what you see is that the try all kinds of things but nothing they do works for any but a few Schools.

In a way Tenure is sort of an award for being in continuous Combat and surviving the Students, Parents and the Administration and no other meaning needs be attached to it.

Think of the Infantry Combat Badge = Tenure; it does not matter if you were a good Soldier or not.
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