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Hello Friends:

This weekend I re-learned some valuable lessons. I want to share.

#1. Never drive your beautiful 16yr old Benz with its clean and damage free paint work immediately after detailing it. Other cars/objects must know and be jealous.
- This caused me to get a nasty door ding on the rear passenger door Sunday afternoon when the girlfiend said "Honey, can you run down to the store and get some Brown Sugar and Cake Flour, Pleeeeeeeease." I ran to the store and came home with a horrible, "down to the metal" door ding.

#2. The car knows when someone else is driving.
- Later last night, my girlfriend managed to get rid of that door ding when she (and she was only driving because I had one lousy margarita - 32oz, mind you) scraped the side of my 190E into the corner of a brick wall.
The result: Long scrape/gash from front passenger door all the way to gas filler cap. The scrape is about 4 inches high in a nice taper, front to back. The door ding was neatly removed as the scrape runs down to bare metal in the middle. The rear quarter panel is slightly crumpled in the gash (can it be _slightly_ crumpled?) and looks damned nasty.

#3. All Females (car and girlfriend included) are problematic at best...troublesome, at worst.

So, I am taking the car to the most trusty local "I am going to need a small loan to afford you" paint and body shop in town. Any advice from you guys on believing the estimate when it comes back. I know I can get a 1/4 panel for about $200...I just suppose it is the paintwork that is going to kill me. Should I consider repainting the whole car or should these guys be good enough to do the affected areas and have it blend effectively. I am not made of money - I just refuse to drive a car that looks like a POS and I want it to look ok when the paint guys are through.

Advice? Commiseration? Sympathy?



John J. Meadows
'85 190E 2.3L 99k mi.
My first M-B, not my last.
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