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Originally posted by PaulC:
How long do you plan to keep this car? A high quality total repaint would cost a significant portion of the current value of your car in undamaged condition. As you probably realize, color matching 16 year-old paint will be a challenge, particularly if it is metallic paint. Assuming the color match is perfect, no mean feat, a difference in gloss is a strong possibility. Owner's pride argues full repaint, economics argues attempting to blend old paint with new. A possible approach: Attempt to determine the true value of your 190 in its current state ("A"), add the estimated cost of repair/repaint ("B")and compare to the cost of another 190 in excellent condition ("C"). If A+B>C, start shopping. Good luck!


You forgot ("G") -- cost of getting rid of girlfriend, thus A+B+G>>>C. Any way you look at it pal (darius), it's gonna cost you

Best bet -- total repaint (only if car is in excellent mechanical condition), keep it around long enough to enjoy it (and healing from the pain), then sell.


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