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i had an accident myself a few months before. my foot slipped on the gas when i was in reverse and hit a elcipse in the parking lot. well my car wasnt damanged, but the pos eclipse was messed up, a brand new eclipse v. my 10 year old benz, that shows quality, well anyway, i drove around with the small dent (the size of half of a dollar bill, give or take)

then my friend one day took a hammer and a metal rod and pounded the bad boy out. i scraped the rest of the paint and body filler, and sanded the rust off. good thing i live in arizona, which prevented much rust.

then i went to the local hardware store and bought a bottle of bondo, or some **** like that. i applied a little, then sanded it down, and applied a little more, and so on.

then i primed it, got a some paint, and it looks like i never hit anything. and the great thing is that i did it all myself, by the way i am 17 years old. i learned alot about my car. it was a good experiance.

sorry for the long response


1990 300 e
clear corners
limo tint
2 10's
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