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Early-mid 80s turbo diesel - testing turbo?

I have owned several 80s Mercedes before and even a diesel, but it wasn't a turbo.

I am looking at a '85 300D turbo diesel. I drove the car and while I expected it to not be nearly as quick as my V8 W140, I was expecting more power. It felt more like my old '84 190D non-turbo 4cyl.

Should I expect a fair amount of power from a turbo 300D? Also, any sounds to tell if the turbo is working? If it is NOT working, is it an easy repair? Costly?

It is a super nice car all around - he is asking $3300. It was a southern TX car until 2012 - no rust anywhere, nice interior (some dash cracks), a few dings, etc. Ice cold air, etc. Trying to decide if worth $3300.


Here are some pics of the car...

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