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stevebfl last question

steve using a fluke 88 meter set to dutycycle on pin 3 of x1
at idle i get 047.2% to 051.4% switching back and fourth but when i set the meter to mspulse i get 005.9% to 006.6%
when i first start the car it stays at 050.0% for about 1/2minute
give or take a few seconds i'm trying to find the sweet spot
the car is running good but it seems it can use a little pep when stepping on the gas and it seems it still burning more fuel than it should.i want to get it right before i get back home to florida
i know the manual says 050.0% for the lambda this might sound stupid but you adjust the lambda with the air/fuel mixture screw
mercedes dealer ship here in connecticut charge $95.00 an hour
and i'm trying to avoid going there thanks i owe you a cold heineken
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