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Thanks for the replies. I know that no power to one person may be fine to another. It just seemed a little sluggish to me, but that may be normal. I didn't take the car over 3K rpm. This car may have made it to 60 in 13-15 seconds if pushed, so it may be normal.

The owner said he would take my '93 W140 and $900 cash for it. I would prefer to trade even of course. I may go my car and $500 cash, but that is it. It does have cold A/C, which is a plus. He also said that ALL service was up to date.

Seems to run good, but at idle, in gear the car will shake a bit. I guess that may be normal for a diesel... I cannot recall how it was on my little 190D. I don't think it shook as much, but this 300D may be due for some motor mounts. I am sure that replacement is easier on one of these than it is a my V8 W140. I was quoted $850 for new motor mounts/tranny mount for my W140.

I found a '87 300SDL that I really like for $2500, but the seller has not replied to text or email, so I am going to call tomorrow. It is probably sold.

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