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DIY ASR defeat

I've already posted this in the Hot Rod forum, but thought I'd try here as well:

I'll pose this question to anyone who might be able to help...
According to the RennTech directions posted, the RennTech module connects in between terminations #25, #35, and #37 on the ASR module. I'm assuming these are based upon an older version of the M-B ASR control module housing SK 16, or even the LK 55 type. My C36 has a LKS511 version of housing. I'm assuming again that the terminations must be different on these housing styles, as that the #25, #35, and #37 terminals on the diagram for the C36 are for; #25 - hydraulic pump runnnig check; #35 - left rear axle solenoid valve [hold]; #37 right front axle solenoid valve [release]. Best as I can tell adjusting, interupting, or anything else to any of these particular circuts wouldn't accomplish a damn thing other than screwing up the works. So if anyone has a diagram for an older version ASR control module [SK 16 or LK 55] and can find out what terminals #25, #35, and #37 are for, maybe we can reverse engineer our way into how RennTech is defeating ASR. Granted we won't know what exactly their defeat module is doing, I'll bet we can figure it out, and do the same thing for less than $1000.

Any help from you M-B Techs out there?? Thanks in advance.
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