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Fellow Alum Died. He was a real car guy.

A fellow alumni from one of the private schools I attended died last week from a tragic accident while on a tractor on his own residential property in Missouri. He was easy to strike-up a conversation with about the days spent at the school during homecoming weekend.

He retired 5 years ago from the car biz. In his short 32 years spent as a dealer, he amassed quite a collection of car dealerships stretching 1/2 way across the United States.

I counted 11 franchised dealerships and 1 independent lot he had owned. Every dealership always carried his name; Steve Oliver, in the name.

His claim to fame was being the youngest VW franchise owner in the world @ the age of 28. From there he went on to own manufacturer franchises as diverse as GM multiple brands dealerships, Chrysler products, Lincoln-Mercury, to Suzuki and Mazda.

The States his dealerships were in ranged from Kansas, Missouri to North Carolina, and down to several dealerships through Florida where he got his start in his 20s.

RIP Steve.

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