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Removing the seat if fairly easy. four bolts on the floor. You will have to manuever the seat with the switches. The front bolts come off fairly easily. The rears required me to raise the seat bottom with the switch all the way up to get to the bolts. You need to manuever your socket wrench from underneath the seat to reach the bolts on the back. For the back bolts also use the switch to push the seat as far forward as it will go. Once the bolts are all loose, you have to disconnect some electrical wires. There are two smaller wires that are clipped underneath the front of the seat. Slide them to the left or right so they are free from the metal clips then just pull them apart. Repeat for the second small wire. Now you have a larger wiring harness to disconnect from a junction box attached underneath the front of the seat as well. There are three sockets to disconnect. Use a flat head screw driver and put it in the square plastic eyelet at the top of the longest socket. Pull up and the connector will come right out. The center connector does not have an eyelet so remove the third connector that does have an eyelet first. Now you have room to grip the last connector. If it is difficult to remove, just use the flat head screwdriver again to carefully pry it upward. Now the seat should be completely free except for the rail guide attached to the center shaft hump at the rear floor. Loosen this one and then you can take out your seat. I took mine out by way of the driver's door. Others say it is easier to take the seat out by way of the rear door, you choose whatever is easier for you.
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