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Sorry to hear about this. But I think you still have options.

Sounds to me that you ought to be able to comfortably find a nice rental situation. This might need to be in a nice, but different area from where you are.

Have you tried to put together a good budget with the help of a financial counselor that can be trusted.

An honest financial snapshot sounds like it would be useful and may be needed; once you have a budget, then stick to it. Maybe then things will work out better and with less stress.

Sounds like to me it is only a temporary thing.

One thing not everyone knows about is that occasionally you can get a "lease option" with a rented home. Depending on a number of circumstances, you can sometimes negotiate a rental deal that allocates anything up to even 40-50% or your rental payments as credit towards the down payment on the house you are renting.

Things like this are actually done, the landlord/homeowner feels pretty secure that his renter is hoping to accumulate enough to actually BUY the house sometime, and in such a case knows the renter will take especially good of the house he is living in, because he is hoping to eventually buy it.

A decent mobile home situation might work too, so long as you are aware of ALL the details, I don't know much about this, but you ARE a homeowner, although you will have to pay rent on the land underneath the mobile home.

You may have to taper off the luxuries for awhile, but you CAN climb out of holes like this.

Once when I was young, I was down to my last $8.00 in the world but got a decent job the next day, so I do know what it is like to be in a financial pickle.

One thing that I have learned that has served me well, is to when possible, NEVER to be partners with BANKS, not in anything;

I am retired and am by choice -partners with NO banks - no house mortgages, auto loans, NOTHING.

If I don't have the wherewithal to BUY it for CASH, I just don't want it; not that I don't Like whatever it is, but those legal contracts are written by LAWYERS for banks and loan institutions, and they are called "ADHESION" contracts, written for the protection and benefit of the institutional lenders, and in "Debtors Rights and Creditors Remedies" the cards are stacked against YOU the consumer borrower pretty much hopelessly.

I wish you well. I am hoping that you are blessed with good health and a great loving family situation - those things, and youth, are PRICELESS.

Cherish them.
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